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Hemorrhoid Treatment At Home

Hemorrhoid, usually called as Piles refers back to the swelling and swelling of veins around the anus or lower rectum that may happen due to numerous factors like varicose vein, pregnancy, absence of exercises, sexual-overindulgence, ageing, defective liver functions.

Pile can be of two types : internal, external.

haemorrhoid treatment is incredibly simple that it can be done at home. Various natural methods can be adopted for hemorrhoid treatment.

You can wash 3 or 4 figs in hot water and then soak the same overnight in plain water.
This treatment for solidly 3 to 4 weeks can be very effective.

Turnip leaves are excellent for hemorrhoid treatment. 150 ml of the leaves extract juice needs to be taken and for better results the same can be blended with the juices of spinach and carrots.
Onion and ginger add great value in hemorrhoid cure. A mix of half a small spoon of fresh ginger juice, a tea spoon fresh lime juice and fresh mint juice along with a big spoon of honey does wonders and cures haemorrhoid.

It cures haemorrhoid and brings back normal stool movements.

apart from homemade treatments, certain medical treatments can be provided which primarily relieve the symptoms. Tub baths in plain water for ten mins one or two times per day can be prescribed.

Applying hemorrhoid cram on the areas affected for a short span of time can be prescribed too.

in addition, some other significant measures are undertakes to reduce or maybe remove internal haemorrhoids. At times an elastic band is placed inside the rectum around the pile base. As the band cuts circulation off, hemorrhoid gradually vanishes within a few days.
Occasionally chemical solution is also injected to shrink the haemorrhoid. Infrared coagulation refers to the act of burning pile tissues with a gizmo.

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